Country: Germany
City: Herne

Racing since: 2006

Favourite Car: Skip Barber, Williams FW31
Favourite Track: Road Atlanta

"Andre has been driving racing simulations since 2006. Racing with a Momo Racing Wheel by Logitech he soon competed in first leagues driving Race 06 and GTR2.

It did not take a long time until he achieved his first wins. Simracing slowly became a serious hobby for Andre then, competing in top leagues in various simulations.

Andre eventually ended up at iRacing, joined My3id Gaming and competed in iRacings World Championship for the first time in 2012, finishing as high as position 7 in the standings in 2014 and 2015 with Coanda Simsport.

Looking for new challenges André will be joining Core Motorsports for the 2017 Blancpain GT Series."


Country: Germany
City: Hattersheim near Frankfurt

Racing since: 1991, restarted 2011

Favourite Car: McLaren MP4, Skip Barber, Ruf Track
Favourite Track: Suzuka, Road Atlanta
Career Goal: Achieving Pro Licence

Started simracing with Grand Prix from Geoff Crammond, started online racing for fun with LfS and quit to play clanbase and ESL in various team based shooters and returned to simracing with iRacing 2011.

Some of his achievements:
- 2nd place german GTS GT3 Series
- 3rd place german GTS GT3 Series


Country: Germany
City: Forchheim

Racing since: 2005

Favourite Car: Audi R8 LMS, HPD
Favourite Track: Nürburgring-Nordschleife
Career Goal: Top 3 in the Blancpain GT Series

Moritz began racing already at the age of 7y with Race07, rFactor and GTR2. Back then he only raced some fun-sessions in a community.

Later on, there was RaceRoom Racing Experience where he participated in a lot of Leaderboard Competitions and was always with the top. His first big win was the so called "DTM Winter Challenge" where he finished in third position, competing with over 2000 drivers.

After he switched to iRacing in 2016 we immediately layed an eye on him and are now looking in a bright future together.


Country: Germany
City: Köln

Racing since: 2011

Favourite Car: Touring / Road Style Cars
Favourite Track: Nordschleife, Sebring
Career Goal: First Title with the Rift

About: Immersion / Realism over Speed. Main goal is to create a most realistic setup using stuff like Rift / VR, Motion, Servo Wheel combined with the correct driving styles per car.


Country: Germany
City: Wuppertal

Racing since: 2004

Favourite Car: Skip Barber, Aston Martin GT1, GT3
Favourite Track: Donington Park, Brands Hatch, Circuit of the Americas, Suzuka Circuit, Nordschleife
Career Goal: Have Fun


Country: Germany
City: Berlin

Racing since: 1994

Favorite Car: BMW Z4 GT3, Corvette C6.R GT1
Favorite Track: Nordschleife, Nürburgring GP, Road America, Sebring, Watkins Glen
Career Goal: Achieving Pro Licence, Finishing Blancpain Endurance Pro Series within top5

History: Started karting in 1994. The first few years driven only indoor karting, then he started to compete in kart slalom where Danny managed to achieve vize north kart slalom champion, berlin-brandenburg champion and several qualifications for the german finals.
As he succeeded in the kart slalom he need to move on into a higher class. 2001 he started in the German Team Championship, a kart endurance series, over the years he grow up to complete kart driver.
Some of his achievements:
- 77h World Record Kart Event Winner
- 99h World Record Kart Event Winner and fastest Lap
- 2009 Vize Champion German Team Championship Division 3 with 2 Pole Positions and 2 Fastest Laps
- 2015 Ovall Champion German Team Championship and Trophy Champion
- Qualified for the German Nissan GT Academy


Country: Germany
City: Peiting

Racing since: 2012

Favourite Car: RUF RT12R Track
Favourite Track: Spa Francorchamps, Virginia, Bathurst
Career Goal: Fun

Angelo began racing already at the age of 10y with Gran Turismo 5 on a console. At this time he raced a lot of public server and gathered some first experiences with racing games. In 2012 Angelo started to begin league racing what was a huge progress for him in terms of speed and consistency. Since he switched to racing at the computer Angelo discovered iRacing in 2015, and CORE Motorsports discovered him just one month after his sign-up on iRacing.

With his new team he was able to get the support he needs to and got teached in iRacing, building setups, and clean up the driving style what is kinda different from console titles. His greatest achievement was the 2nd place in the Blancpain Endurance Series together with his teammates from CORE Motorsports and the win of several Gran Turismo events and championships some times ago.


Country: Germany
City: Dresden

Racing since: 2004

Favourite Cars: RUF RT12R Track, StarMazda, V8 Supercar
Favourite Tracks: Spa, Road America, MoSport
Main Goal Career: Fun & Realism

Simracing since 2004 with GTR1, followed by GTR2, netKar Pro and iRacing. Since 2013 member of CORE Motorsports


Country: Luxemburg
City: Grosbous

Racing since: 1998


Country: Germany
City: Mittenwalde

Racing since: 1996

Favourite Car: Mercedes AMG GT3
Favourite Track: Nordschleife
Career Goal: iRacing Pro Endurance license

Having built and raced Powerboats for 12 years and winning six european championships together with his father, Kay now primarily races in the virtual world of iRacing. His first sim was Grand Prix 2 in 1996, the love for simracing grew ever since. The greatest achievements so far are five overall series wins in the Proto & GT Challenge and C6R Challenge as well as winning the first official Nürburgring 24h together with CORE Motorsports.


Country: Germany
City: Aachen

Racing since: 1998

Favourite Car: Aston Martin GT1
Favourite Track: Road Atlanta
Career Goal: Infinite amount of Titles


Country: Germany
City: Paderborn

Racing since: 1998

Alexander started simracing in 1998 with the second part of the knowing “Grand Prix” series by Geoff Crammond. Since then he continuesly participated in a lot of different championships and races from GTR to Race 07, over to F1 2012 and rFactor. 2012 he became a member of CORE Motorsports to taking part in the biggest German GT Series by Virtual In the year 2013 he and his teammates went over to iRacing and experienced a new impulsion of racing, competing with the strongest drivers in the simracing scene. Together with Nils and Danny he raced a lot of the endurance stuff and still have a lot of fun and passion to do so. His greatest achievements are those team event achievements, several local championships in multiple simulations, and the S1/2015 Blancpain Sprint Series Championship.


Country: Germany
City: Einbeck

Racing since: 1998

Favourite Car: Radical SR8, Skippy, Ruf Track
Favourite Track: Sebring, Interlagos, Brands Hatch
Career Goal: Infinite amount of Titles

Racing games and simulations have always fascinated me. Even as a kid i loved Mario Kart or F-Zero. I stayed always faithfull to cars and so i bought my first rc car as a teenager. After i was old enough to drive a real car and driving kart and simulator wasn´t enough anymore, i bought myself with my father and my brother a Caterham Superlight, which i upgraded over the years to a R400. When the weather starts to get mad while the winter is coming, has the Cat to stay in the garage. To stay trainined and to enjoy my passion in motorsport, the time i am driving my simulator increases. My experience from real motorsport and my study in vehicle engineering help the team espescially in setup tuning, so we can join each race every time well prepared.

Beside the driving action i am realy into the hardware of simulators and over the years i engineered and build a lot of thingsThis includes a button box, ap racing hydraulic pedals and a few steering wheels with buttons, SLI and co.


Country: Germany
City: Heidelberg

Racing since: 2010

Favourite Car: Aston Martin GT1, Audi R8 LMS, Mustang
Favourite Track: Nordschleife, Bathurst, Road Atlanta
Career Goal: Top 5 result in an oficial WCS series

My first experience in Simracing was with Race Driver DTM as a little kid, mostly racing my dad. After some time my parents bought me GT5 and my first wheel, a Logitech Driving Force GT. I had a lot of fun with GT5 but I searched for something new and more realistic. I installed rFactor on my Laptop and tried some mods. Unfourtunatly all offline. Back in 2012 I signed up for iRacing, wich was also my first online racing experience. After about 6 month I went back to rfactor to race online there, because iRacing was to expensive for me at that point. During my time in rFactor I joined CORE Motorsports. After a good first season in rFactor in a Clio Cup I went back to iRacing, where I did a guest start in the Virtual Racing GTS, followed by a full season with some nice results and very much fun. Since then I gained a lot of expierience in iRacing which was rewarded with a Pro/WC license for the 2016 Blacpain GT Series.

2016 Nürburgring 24h overall winner!
2016 Daytona 24h 2nd overall with CORE Motorsports
2015 S4 BES 2nd place with CORE Motorsports
2015 S3 GT1 Champion!
2015 iRacing GT3 Challenge 5th overall (Division 2 champ)
2015 MoE 3rd overall with CORE Motorsports
2015 iRacing 24h Daytona 2nd in top split (GT3)
2015 MoE 24h of Spa 3rd place


Country: Germany
City: Aachen

I´ve been a simracer for a long time.

Favourite Track: Nordschliefe

I´ve been a simracer for a long time. Started with GTL and then moved over to rFactor. Especially classic race cars and the Nordschleife were a lot of fun for me and i had my biggest sucesses on that.

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